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Repeating table using gallery for SharePoint list



I have two SP List: 

Master List (Title, Project description, ID)

Item List (work task, project type, MasterID <- which refers to the ID of the Master list)


I created an app to create new work packages which multiple work tasks and used gallery for it. I used this video for it:


So to create a new collection and to get from the start screen to the „new work package screen“ I took his formula for my button:


NewForm('Form new work package');;ClearCollect(Items; {LineTätigkeitBezug:"";LineProjekttyp:""});;Navigate('Screen New work package';ScreenTransition.Cover)


This work perfectly to far and I am on my new work package screen and a new collection is called items is available. In this screen at the top I put the editing form „form new work package“ which has the columns of my SP Master List as database. Below that I put my gallery which has my collection „items“ as database:




I set the default value of the text input fields in my gallery as following:

Text input work task: ThisItem.LineTätigkeitBezug (named InputTätigkeitBezug)

Text input project type: ThisItem.LineProjekttyp (named InputProjekttyp)


I also put a save button in my gallery:

Save button (also creates a new row): Patch(Items; ThisItem; {LineTätigkeitBezug:InputTätigkeitBezug.Text; LineProjekttyp:InputProjekttyp.Text});; Collect(Items; {LineTätigkeitBezug:""; LineProjekttyp:""})


So when I want to run through my app and want to add new work task it works perfectly.


The only issue. I want the columns „Tätigkeit/Bezug“ and „Projekttyp“ to be choice columns in my SP list. How can I integrate this in my gallery?


Thank you very much!



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @Jasmin_Sch ,

Simply use combo/DropDown
Set the Items Property Like below.


Set the DefaultSelectedItems Property for displaying the Present data for the record.
like below-



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Thanks for this quick answer. I will try. 

But how can I set the item and DefaultSelectedItems Property? I can’t pick them....C8343F77-7CD5-40C6-A5E3-C3DBB57F6FC5.jpeg

Ok I got you now and put in a new drop down (Status: Offen/Erledigt) into my gallery with the correct item property. But I still cant select the DefaultSelectedItems Property.


When I start the app, fill my first row in the gallery and want to add another row by clicking the save button it only shows me the value “offen” in my status drop down. So when I selected “Erledigt”  it switches back to “Offen” after I clicked the save button.


Save Button:

Patch(Items; ThisItem; {LineTätigkeitBezug:InputTätigkeitBezug.Text; LineProjekttyp:InputProjekttyp.Text; LineStatus:InputStatus.Selected.Value});; Collect(Items; {LineTätigkeitBezug:""; LineProjekttyp:""})


OnSuccess Property for my new work package form: ForAll(Items;Patch('3400 ILLU Arbeitspakete Items';Defaults('3400 ILLU Arbeitspakete Items');{Title:LineTätigkeitBezug;Projekttyp:LineProjekttyp;Status:LineStatus ;MasterID: 'Form new work package'.LastSubmit.ID}))

It shows me the error: The type of argument of status doesn’t match with the expected type “record”. Type “text” was found.


My button to build a new collection was edited as following:

('Form new work package');;ClearCollect(Items; {LineTätigkeitBezug:"";LineProjekttyp:""; LineStatus:""});;Navigate('Screen New work package';ScreenTransition.Cover)


What may be the cause for this?


Thank you!

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