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Advocate II
Advocate II

SQL problem yet again!!!

Powerapps connection to Azure SQL database is playing up again. This is a regular monthly occurance. 

Last month we couldn't connect at all now it is so slow it take minutes to save or retrieve records. Again after a powerapps update!!


Now I'll wait for...give me your Session ID then 5 days of support emails without a resolution for 2 weeks...

Whilst user have to put up with it!


SESSION ID : 1d8270c1-3fb6-4997-8e30-b159be8e00651


Come on Microsoft this is pathetic now! 




Accepted Solutions

Hello all,


This issue should be mitigated. We fixed some configuration changes in Sql connector. Please try again and let us know if the issue persists.




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Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

This is very concerning.  I'm currently developing an app with SQL Server using the data gateway.  I plan to migrate it to Azure SQL DB.  I'm doing it this way since I'm using SQL Profiler to understand PowerApps and to optimize performance.  I'm not seeing performance issues using this approach.  I've had to clear the browser cache on occasion to get things working properly.  What devices are you using to run your app?  I use Edge generally and Chrome oocassionally.


You could try testing app by migrating app using an on-premise SQL Server and the data gateway.  It works with SQL Server Express (free).   


Keep us posted on your progress. 

@t19670 Thanks for reporting issue. We identified rootcause and working on resolution. This issue impacted one of Northern Europe data centers due to spike in usage, we will keep you posted once mitigated.

This issue is mitigated now, we will monitor over weekend and next week to ensure that thing are looking good. Please let us know if you are still facing any issues.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes the issue has resolved.
Although, can I ask why this keeps happening on a regular basis? This has happened numerous times with Azure SQL connections.

@t19670, Glad that Issues is resolved for you. After we do discuss prevention steps internally, I can share details of steps taken to prevent this from happening again .

Spoke to soon.... ARRRRGGHHH this is unbelievable!

It seems this morning SQL views are not working correctly with mulitple filters! 

This is system wide, please see seesion ID and errors from one of our devices below.

The SQL view isn't working when I have a boolean filter applied if I remove it it works. Although this has been working since March 2018 and now it suddenly breaks!!




When trying to retrieve a sql view, the error meesage is:


The specified record was not found.

Server response: Invalid Column name 'True'.

clientrequestID: b40d0514-6202-4c2c-b36d-b1ff3d0653df


Session ID: 8befdc5a-feda-46ea-9a89-d29068c8ad66


Should I start another thread.


Community Champion
Community Champion

We are also having major problems with PowerApps connecting to Azure SQL Server this morning!

Please let us know what is happening!!

We are in the central European zone.

New Member

I also have an issue with boolean type:

Filter([myTable], column1=false) do not work this morning

I had to change it to Filter([myTable], column1=0). We lost the benefit of delegative query...

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

One More to the List. European. Filters no longer work Based in Europe.


ETA for a fix?




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