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Advocate I

Share - calculate working days between two given dates

Hello, I was trying to find the method to return the number of working days between two given dates and found the following article


However, as the author mentioned "Notice that the partial week calculation given above will not work if the start or end dates fall on weekends"


So I spent some time writing the following formula which seems work for weekends too:


If(IsNewRequestFormValid, RoundDown(DateDiff(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate, DatePickerTo.SelectedDate, Days) / 7, 0) * 5 +
If(Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) >= Weekday(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate),
If(Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) = Weekday(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate) && (Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) = 1 || Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) = 7),
If(RoundDown((Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) - Weekday(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate))/5,0) >= 1,
If(Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) = 7,
Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) - Weekday(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate),
If(Weekday(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate) = 1,
Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) - Weekday(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate),
Mod(Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) - Weekday(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate), 5) + 1)))),
(7 - Weekday(DatePickerFrom.SelectedDate) + Weekday(DatePickerTo.SelectedDate) - 1)))


I am sure it can be improved, so please feel free to make any enhancement. 






Hi Ipr. I just read this article and also thought about this. I would say that one could set a variable on the OnSelect property of the form's submit button which sets a true or false value for all fields being validated e.g.


Set( IsNewRequestFormValid, !IsBlank(Name) && !IsBlank(Department) && !IsBlank(ContactNumber) && !IsBlank(StartDate) && !IsBlank(EndDate) )


The IsNewRequestFormValid variable would set to true if all fields are not blank. Then using "If(IsNewRequestFormValid,True,False)" would then return the true value for the if statement.

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