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Timesheet - multiple names at the same time

I want to make a timesheet where the date and time attributed to several people at once.
Date and time are two text boxes with Today and Now "hh:mm".
I tried to select multiple names from a list box but got "false" as name. The data source is an Excel file on my OneDrive.
Could it be done? How?

Community Champion
Community Champion

 If I understand your need, you are trying to assign multiple people to the same time block on a timesheet.


You will need to nest one gallery into another gallery.


In the example below, my outer gallery is just ["Team 1","Team 2","Team 3",...]. My inner gallery uses a formula that Filters which names are associated with which team.




 So you might have your outer gallery, Gallery1, be the dates and times needed for your timecard. Your nested gallery, Gallery2, will be created inside Gallery1. It will need a formula like below:


This will show names of people whose names are associated with the given datetime.


I can clarify more if I know what your datasource looks like.


Microsoft Employee

Thank you so much mr-dang for your advice but it's not really what I had in mind. I'm trying to make an timesheet app for an after school center and I want to report when every kid goes home. And they don't go home at the same time every day. Not like your great idea of teams. 
I'd like to be able to pick several kids, like in a list box, and assign them at the same time.
Something like this.




Community Champion
Community Champion

Got it. I would recommend using Gallery1 with those names rather than a ListBox. This will allow you to reference each entry with:


Gallery1 will not fit inside the Form, so this solution would work independent of one. So rather than using SubmitForm, you could setup a Timer control that Patches for the number of items selected the Gallery1. This method will need to manually reference each argument in the Form, but it will Patch automatically. See @hpkeong's post for more information.

UpdateContext({savenames: true, iter: 0})
Timer1.Text: iter
Timer1.AutoPause: false
Timer1.AutoStart: savenames
Timer1.Repeat: savenames
Timer1.Start: savenames
UpdateContext({iter: iter+1});

{Date: TextInput1.Text,
Time: TextInput2.Text,
Pupil: Last(First(pupils,iter)).Name

UpdateContext({savenames: false});


This formula will Patch until the iteration number, iter, is equal to the number of items selected in your Gallery of names. It will count up one each time. At its conclusion, it will stop the timer and clear the form.

Microsoft Employee

Thank you ever so much mr-dang for your edwise and effort to help.

The thing is, I'm just a curios guy who just started looking at Powerapps and read the tutorials. Therefore I'm not really sure what you mean. I'll never used Patch but I'll try my best.

Perhaps I'll be back or perhaps you could help me with a more detailed instruktion. 

Hi again

I believe this is just what we're looking for but I'm a beginner at Powerapps and need a more detailed instruction. 

Could someone help me?

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