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Syncing existing events in separate Office365 calendars



I have separate Office365 calendars that I want to sync for the existing calendar items AND the future additions/updates. I created flows to add/update events in Calendar A each time there's an add/update to Calendar B-- it works great for all future additions and updates in Calendar B.

Now, I want to copy all of the existing upcoming events in Calendar B into Calendar A, from today and going forward. I attempted this using a test calendar but the issue also copied about a year's worth all of the past events too AND resent the past invite to the other attendees from Calendar A (weird!). So here's my question:


Can you explain how to copy only the events from calendar B that as of today are scheduled in the future (that is today+1 day) into Calendar A? Is it possible to do this without sending the event invite to other attendees?

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Super User

You are using 'Get events (v4)', right?

Did you explore the options that offers adding 'Get events (v4)' as the input of 'Filter array'? Here you are an example of how it combines

Hope this helps

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Hi @NC1212 


@efialttes  has a good solution, but I just wanted to chime in on something to be careful. If you're triggering based on created on calendar A to replicate to calendar B and doing the same on calendar B, you'll get a circular reference since, when you add something to B via Power Automate it will trigger it.


Be careful so to filter the ones that need to be created to avoid this.


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@efialttes , when I attempted this, both past and future single instance events copied to the calendar (ie past events still copied). Recurring events that had been modified and were in the past copied to the calendar. But recurring events taking place in the future did not copy.


Can you help me figure out how to copy both single instance and recurring events that are scheduled to take place in the future?

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Hi NC1212,

I was wondering, if I could learn abit from you. I am new to MS Flow and I wam looking for a properbly simple solution. I want to copy events from O365 calender a one way to o365 calender B. Also updateing and deleting would be also nice.

Could your solution help me here?
Many thanks


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