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Bug: Windows PowerApp Player - Cannot use offline mode

The PowerApp Player for Windows (from the Windows Microsoft Store) supports the SaveData and LoadData commands for offline use of Apps. However, if you download an App then later start the PowerApp Player while offline, no Apps are shown. So it is effectively impossible to use a PowerApp while offline when using a Windows device.

It seems that if you start an App while online, then go offline, it will work (assuming it is 'enabled' of offline usage) so the issue simply seems to be that downloaded Apps are not correctly appearing on the list of Apps to choose from when starting the Player while offline.

We have a need to run PowerApps offline on existing Windows hardware (so moving to Android/iOS, where offline mode works fine) is not an option.

Is this a bug that the Micorosoft team are aware of? Is it being worked on and is there an estimate for resolution?




Accepted Solutions

We have released a partial fix to the app store with version 3.18054.28.  I say a partial fix as you can now go offline on the app list and it keeps the downloaded apps in the app list when reopening PowerApps while offline. 


The scenario that is taking us longer to address is when going offline while PowerApps is closed in which case the app list still appears empty.  Thank you for your patience with this!

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Could you please use version 3.18054.28 from the store and let us know if you see any issues with loading the app list when launching PowerApps while offline?  Thank you!

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Bumping this question.

Can a staff member please respond as to the status of this bug? Is it known, is it being worked on, and if so, what is the expected release date?

We need to make a go/no-go decision on our solution shortly and if there is no fix on the horizon for this bug, we'll need to look for other solutions.

Many thanks


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Hi @PaulD1 sorry for the lack of response on this issue. I will bump this and have someone follow up ASAP. 



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@PaulD1 I will have an update Monday for you, we're still working through it. 


Thanks very much @Anonymous

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Resident Rockstar

@PaulD1 Thanks for pursuing this. We are in the same boat (and I seem to recall you posting in a thread I had going that touched on this issue). 


@Anonymous Thank you for pursuing this as well! It would be amazing and greatly appreciated to have a resolution to this.

Hi @PaulD1, sorry to hear that. Can you please help me understanding this problem for a quick solution?
@wyotim, can you also answer those questions as well?

1 - from what I understood, problem is app not showing when PowerApps is started offline. Is this correct?
2 - can you please confirm if the app itself is working properly (if you launch it offline after going offline)?
3 - can you try pinning the app to home screen and launching it? This eventually can help unblocking you while we ship a fix for the issue. Can you please let me know if that works?

@claudiosvccThanks for the reply!


For 1, that is correct. The app list is completely blank.


For 2, when launching the apps online then going offline, everything works as expected.


For 3, pinning to the home screen and launching from there while offline gives an error that the app didn't install. 


Thanks again for looking into this!

Thanks, we're looking into the issue.


Just another question: is this something that started happening recently, or you didn't tried this same repro steps before?

This has been an ongoing issue. I started a thread about offline issues back in May and tried basically the same steps that you outlined. For a time, they didn’t work on other platforms (iOS/Android) as well (and honestly it is still a bit spotty, like if you don’t use an app for a couple days you can’t launch offline). Windows 10 has always been an issue though.

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