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DropDown List resetting to default on Navigate

Drop down list reset when trying to advance screens. 


Error is only occuring outside of Windows Studio (eg Browser, or Mobile)


When a user advances to Screen2, the vaules input on Screen1 revert to the default. If the user returns to the screen, they can see the values have been restored to the intital value. If they select the value a second time, the value does not reset when advancing to Screen2. 


Is anyone else experiencing a simiiar issue?


Any news on this topic? This bug drives me crazy.. 🙂

I put in a support ticket with MS. Apparently a fix is being rolled out soon.

I have just tested and re-published my app and it appears to be working now.



Yeah .... Tested and appears fixed .... cool stuff

I have found the same issue.  Despite implementing the fix indicated by Shane Young:


If(EditFormEntityReports.Mode = FormMode.Edit,Parent.Default, " ")


this no longer works consistently 😞  Has anyone found a workaround?

Seems the issue is back, the form is getting reset while navigate to another screen, is there any solution for that?

Hi @sankar_tr can you elaborate on the issue? Is everything in the form reset when you go to a different screen and return? Are there any formulas used that might call ResetForm() or change the Item or DefaultMode used in the form?

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I'm having the same issue and no matter where I put the reset() function it is not working for me. The dropdown is actually resetting to blank, not the default, I believe. It's not behaving that way in the studio, but is doing the same both on web and mobile PowerApps. 


This is what I tried originally:


Screen 1 I have two dropdowns for Customer and Property. If the Property is not listed for that customer the use selects a + sign and it navigates to screen 2 to add the location. The idea is to have the Customer field prepopulated with the customer that was selected on the previous screen. I set the OnSelect property for the + sign to Set(Customer,DataCardValue20.Selected.Value);NewForm(LocationForm);Navigate(LocationForm, ScreenTransition.None), but the value wouldn't pass through to the next screen the first time but would pass through any subsequential submissions for that entire user session.


So I started playing with this a bit and here is the fun part:


On the Customer dropdown (DataCardValue20) for the OnSelect property I put Set(Customer,DataCardValue20.Selected.Value) and the variable passes through the next screen perfectly.....BUT for whatever reason when I do this, the Property dropdown no longer displays the items I have listed. Distinct(Filter('All Locations with Hierarchy', DataCardValue20.Selected.Id = Customer.Id),Property).


Any recommendations?



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Thanks for the quick response. I am not using any formula to reset the form and return to it default mode. I am also confirming that, the navigation is working nice in powerapps studio player, but when  the user access the published app from his own client browser, it is resetting to default.  To reconfirm that, I removed all the formula except the navigation formula in the button, but still it resets the form to default mode.

@s0ylaunica and @Anonymous Can I confirm whether all controls are in the form are reset or is it just the dropdowns? Also, do screen 1 and screen 2 have a form that uses the same data source?

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