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Helper I

Easy Way to uploaded pics to sharepoint from powerapps without flow or collection

Hi Guys,

 from last few days i was struggling to save uploaded images in power apps and save to SharePoint and get back to power apps 

couldn't find a satisfactory answer and after some time i got a solution without flow or collection

it can be done in 4 simple steps

1,Get binary data of image using a button control On select function create a variable ;Set( ImageJSON, JSON( UploadedImage2.Image,IncludeBinaryData ) )

2,Put that in a text feild and to remove "" from begining and end of the value you need to use replace function ;Replace(ImageJSON,1,1,"")for first " and Replace(TextInput1.Text,Len(TextInput1.Text),1,"")for last 

3,put in a Image on Image property give the second text feild name 

4;Now you can save in share point multiline text column using patch functiona and call back image using lookup function anytime 




thank you so mutch 🙂 can't wait to try it 🙂
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I think I have it working know, but having trouble with step4, I have to uploaded it to my sharepoint list so I can see it on my image column 🙂

You have to use a lookup function which will make this apear in image add a inge on page and in imgae provide lookup using ID of the sharepoint or if you have any unique key word and bring it in i am gonna send you full steps with pictures 


That sounds good, looking forward to see it

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@ravee_82 I am having trouble following this explanation (I am also very new to PowerApps). Your explanation likely helps people who know what they are doing, but newbies like myself are getting lost. Is there a way that you could publicly share with us what you sent to @soylant? I think it would be very helpful for myself and others who happen to stumble across this thread. Thanks!

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Hi @ravee_82 .  Can you please send to me or post the blank app instructions that you sent to @soylant ?  This would be much appreciated 🙂

I will just give a days time i update tonite with eg 

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HI Shannon 

first add a addmediawithimage to the screen and than add a Unique field along to fetch back from sharepoint you can use sharepoint ID also in that unique field 


and add a variable which have binary content of the image 
and than using a multiline text input you can save it to sharepoint 
NOTE:in sharepoint also use a multiline text input 
and to fetch it back you can use the lookup function using the unique ID or the text which you will save along 
under the Image property of the image 
please let me know if more help required 


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Hi Ravee.

I understand that step, thank you.  Once the variable is set, I don't understand how to patch that variable into the datacardvalue14 field in my app.  Can you help with this, or post an example from your app?







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first select the textbox go in advance unlock the textbox 
just click on the lock and it will unlock


under default give the variable name make sure it is multiline text 
when you get a form directly than these type of extra steps we have to take as formatting is limited so we have to unlock the fields first 

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