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Advocate II
Advocate II

Hover fill over multiple items in a group act as one button (how to merge layers)

The following button has 3 items. Image for the barcode scan, Label for the background and Label for the "Scan." I put them in a group, however when I change hover fill for the group all 3 items are acting as individual items. 


Is there a way to merge them to act as one?


Also, how can I make it so I see the pointer finger cursor?






We think it is unsupported to use hover. Check this here: Hover & Unhover which can update other controls and properties 


You can get close with OnSelect perhaps.


We think "Hover" idea would only work on PowerApps when run from computers or laptops or other devices that have some kind of mouse, trackpad, or other mouse-like device attached - because to our understanding mobile devices don't have cursor.


Since PowerApps is intended to revolutionize modern productivity on computers, tablets and mobile devices all at the same time, this may be why the feature is not yet prioritized, though we cannot be sure why something was or was not prioritized. That's just what would be our line of thinking if we were the ones that made PowerApps.


You can try upvote the already mentioned and linked idea, it may influence the idea to be implemented in the future, though no guarantee.

I didn't know I can't do that. If we can merge layers, that would work too. Thanks for replying so quickly.



@WhatisPowerApps wrote:

I didn't know I can't do that. If we can merge layers, that would work too. Thanks for replying so quickly.

Try this:


Enabling enhanced groups

To opt-in to the new behavior, first open the App settings > Advanced settings.


Then under the Experimental features section, toggle the “Try the enhanced Group control” switch.  Now when new groups are added, it is the enhanced group instead of the classic group.


Grouping multiple controls

When multiple controls are selected, the existing Ctrl+G keyboard will add the enhanced Group control and move the selected controls as children.  A subsequent Ctrl+G will ungroup the child controls.  The group and ungroup commands can also be found under the Home > Group menu.  To convert an existing classic Group into an enhanced Group control, use the Ungroup and Group commands.  The ungroup will remove the classic Group and if the enhanced Group is enabled, the group will a new enhanced Group.

Below has multiple controls selected.


That's what I did. That's the result of the gif from my post changing hover fill as a group didn't work. Grouping just organizes the layers and able to move together as one item. It didn't merge all layers under.

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what works for me is 


create a second button and make it transparent, place it so it covers the area your users will select (image, original button, text). set on the onselect property of this second button to what you want it to do. set the hoverfill property to a transparent colour.


check out this solution below

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