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Saving or Editing a Record in Share Point


Quick question here:

I have my Share point list with all the fields that I need. I guess that the best method to create the app is from my Share Point lists, because it does everything for me. So I don't need to expend time trying to figure out the way to update records, etc etc.


But the galleries that PA build by doing this they are horrible and definitely not user friendly.


My question is?


If I place maybe 3 or 4 small edit forms all of them with the same property item = Browse Gallery1.selected and if I place 4 buttons "NEW", "EDIT", SAVE" and "CANCEL" and when I click i.e in "EDIT" all of my 3 or 4 galleries go into EDIT Mode, and if I save all of them Save the data.


Is this possible or should be a better / faster or easier way to do this?

Thanks in advance




Thank you very much for your help, after 12 hours trying to resolve this, I can't figure out.

I don't know what I am doing wrong.


Any way today is another day. Let's see.


BTW, do you mind to give me an advice with another issue that I have now?


Let me explain:

I have two SPL "Employees" and "Orders"

My employees has this data structure"

ID | Employee Name | Department | Active

1  |   Employee A   | Production | Yes

2  |   Employee B   | Sales           | Yes

3  |   Employee C   | Sales          | No


and in my "Orders Table" I have a Lookup column that is taking the "ID" "EmployeeID" from the Employees List.


So far so good.


Now in my app, I have my gallery, when I click to edit my gallery in the drop down field for the Employee I see the ID's from my Employees Lists. If I switch to other number the app save the change. But I would like to see instead the ID number, the employee name. and then when I select another person, the valued saved is in fact the ID.


Also as you can see my list is all of the employees form all areas. I want to keep simple and just add a condition for instance in one combo box condition = If employee is equal to production show the employees that matches and also if is active.


Too complicated?




Hi @sajarac ,


Please ensure that in your lookup column of the list as name from the employee list so that you can see the name directly on the form.


I hope this resolved your issue if you see any challenge/need further help please let me know I am always happy to do it for my community.

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I hope this resolved your issue if you see any challenge/need further help please let me know I am always happy to do it for my community.

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Advocate II
Advocate II

Similar situation.  I have tried Patch, Collect, ForAll  and SubmitForm to no avail.  I have a survey with 16 screens and 11 questions. 1 question per page.  The next is a navigate to next page.  I have all data save to an edit form a display form and a gallery.  I realize that I don't need all of them to accomplish my needs.  While I do not currently show any errors, the data will not update.  I've commented out SSN and DOB due to a match type error.  Before worrying about that can you help with getting data to my SP list?  Ultimately, I just wish to submit 1 at a time with an automated submission rather than adding to the list, although, if I could compile the list and submit it weekly, that could help.  But first:


Br_Addy: Br__Addy.Text,
Br_City: Br__City.Text,
Br_St: Br__St.Text,
Br_Zip: Br__Zip.Text,
First_Name: First__Name.Text,
M_I: M__I.Text,
Last_Name: Last__Name.Text,
App_Addy: App__Addy.Text,
App_City: App__City.Text,
App_St: App__St.Text,
App_Zip: App__Zip.Text,
//SSN: _SSN.value,
// DOB: _DOB.text,
Date: Now(),
Worked_Before: Worked__Before.Text,
SNAP: _Snap.Text,
SSI: _SSI.Text,
Voc_Rehab: Voc__Rehab.Text,
Veteran: _Veteran.Text,
Vet_Entitled: Vet__Entitled.Text,
Unemployed: _Unemployed.Text,
Unemployment: _Unemployment.Text,
Felony_Conviction: Felony__Conviction.Text,
Federal: _Federal.Text,
State: _state.Text,
SWA_Cert: SWA__Cert.Text

Advocate II
Advocate II

The above code is saved in the last page as a code for an OnSelect button.

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