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Sudden appearance of red x's

Today, when I opened up my powerapps app, I'm presented with a ton of red x's.  It appears to save and publish fine, but any ideas whats going on?



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I am having this issue with both Forms and Apps. I have to re-create entire Apps and Forms when no change has been made to ANY field in the associated SharePoint lists. 


How is this considered solved?

Helper I
Helper I

Same issue

Fields linked to SharePoint Choices fields

Red Xs  imtermittently show

No obvious pattern  - can go days without issue

App NOT useable without this being fixed

Issue is not fixed 

Helper I
Helper I

Yep, same issue for me.  I'm getting round it by setting the On Visible property of the home page to Refresh('Data Source Name'), so the data source is automatically refreshed before it can cause any problems.  Seems to be working so far.

thanks - I'll configure today and run for maybe a week - If no errors by then I think that fixes it - will update on community

Experiencing the same for several months. Refreshing data source, breaks the data binding on the fields. I have to delete part of the ["Value"] in the DisplayFields and SearchFields properties and then re-enter it to bring back the choices. This has to be done for all fields individually. On top of the hassle its not clear, that this bug i happening. You have to test the fields in preview to see if the fields are broken or not. There is no PowerApps error on the fields.

1 week on and issue seems resolved, however concerned that William has applied same fix and is still getting issue.  Will have to keep monitoring

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This problem is driving me bonkers.


I administrate several PowerApps apps and I face this issue every other week. Usually only one app is affected at a time so the root cause remains a mystery. The apps have not been edited and the SharePoint lists have not been touched. The only way to fix the issue is to very stubbornly 

a) update the connections again and again

b) publish the app again and again

c) remove and add items to the drowdown menu again and again


I am a very patient person, but unfortunately this problem affects the whole organization and not just me. The end users are mad when the apps they need in order to complish their work simply fail to work. In their point of view PowerApps cannot be trusted and therefore it should not be used.

I really, really hope for a permanent fix for this problem as this also makes me reluctant to work with PowerApps. I do want to accomplish more during my workday than just fix those broken choice fields.

@Anonymous  Apologies for inconvience. How often you are seeing the issue?Could you please elaborate your issue, probably screenshot of the issue? Also share sessionId of the repro?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @wordsmither 

Do you only get those errors with ComboBox controls?
I've seen random (as far as I can tell) errors like yours with the ComboBox controls in my PowerApps.
I am guessing that there were/are some issues with the ComboBox tendency to "automatically re-configure" itself for whichever Items are supplied (for example changing SearchFields, DisplayFields automatically, even if unwanted).

In my case(s), I could often resolve the supposed errors but just re-typing the Items property again to trigger this "automatic re-configure" (and possible the App Checker).
Most of the time, I would just delete the last letter in the Items property and type it again, and after the next App Checker run the ComboBox would be fine again.

Here's hoping you get those controls under control soon,
    Sa Wu.

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For me this issue happens quite randomly, I just get a report from a user that the choices don't work anymore. Usually I just need to open the app in edit mode, remove the choices from the item and add them back. Unfortunately this is quite tedious because there are usually multiple choice fields in one app.


Also this seems to happen almost certainly if I edit something in the app, even if the edit happens in a completely different screen. Sometimes I don't even need to edit anything, if I just open the app in edit mode, the choice fields are very likely to stop working.


Both of these happens almost weekly basis for me, as I do administrer several apps. It's becoming a routine for me, and also for the end users... And it really makes me feel completely turned off.


Unfortunately I cannot provide an session ID for a broken app since at the moment all choice fields work (at least I hope they do...). 


In edit mode there is no error message or anything that gives me a clue that they are not working. I need to test each field separately to see if they show the options or not.


In live mode, the end user can activate the choice field but the options simply don't appear. It doesn't seem to matter if the choice field is combobox or a simple dropdown. Some have 30 choices, some have two. I included a screenshot of the live mode as it's the only place you can see that something is not working (though in the pic you can't see anything... since there is nothing to see...) 

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