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Empower Your Portal with Dynamic Calendar Views: A Guide for Power Apps Portals Users

Title: "Elevate Engagement with Dynamic Calendar Views in Power Pages: A Step-by-Step Guide"



Empower your Power Pages portal with dynamic calendar views to enhance user engagement and streamline event management. With this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to seamlessly integrate calendar functionality into your Power Pages portal, offering users an intuitive way to view and interact with events.

Step 1: Create List

  1. Log in to your Power Apps Portals Studio.
  2. Navigate to the entity list where you want to display the calendar view, or create a new list if necessary, using the Event entity.

Create List in Power PagesCreate List in Power Pages

Step 2: Enable Calendar View

  1. Once the list is created, click on it to open its settings.
  2. Look for the option to enable the calendar view. This might be in a separate "Calendar" or "Views" tab, depending on the version of Power Apps Portals you're using.
  3. Check the "Enable" field to activate the calendar view feature.
  4. Map the relevant fields such as Start Date, End Date, and Summary from your Event entity.

Enable Calender view in power portalEnable Calender view in power portal

Step 3: Add the List Calendar View to a Portal Page

  1. Create a new web page in your Power Apps Portals Studio or use an existing one where you want to display the calendar view.
  2. Add the previously created list to the page. You can usually do this by dragging and dropping the list component onto the page canvas.
  3. Save and publish the changes to make the calendar view visible on the portal page.

List Caledar view in Power portalList Caledar view in Power portal

Additional Notes:

  • Custom entities can also be used to achieve similar calendar views by following the same steps and mapping relevant fields.
  • Experiment with different configurations and customizations to create engaging and useful calendar views tailored to your specific requirements.

By following these steps, you can effectively create and display a List Calendar View in your Power Apps Portals.



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