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Vertical menu with expand and collapse feature

This blog briefly talks about the main features used to build the vertical menu which will horizontall expand and collapse. A copy of the MSAPP has been attached for you to download and explorer.




Following are the three main ingredients which provides the UI look and feel.


  1. Global Variables
  2. Controls
  3. Formulas


1 - Global variables

 - Six of them whose default values are set on Screen1's Onstart
 - These variables dictate when the timer control should run and how smooth the animation of the text control should appear
 - The variables also decided when the group of Text control and Rectangle Icon should expand and collapse




2 - Controls
 - There are two controls used, Timer and Text control
 - The timer control is used to give the animated feeling of the Text control with Rectangle Icon expand and collapse
 - In this case a Text control is used as an example to prove that controls can be grouped together to give the same animation




3- Formulas
 - IF function is the main formula used to dictate how and when the group should expand and collapse
 - We've also used the '+' function to sort the locations of the buttons and the groups.






This no-code solution which utlizes the combination of variables, controls and simple formulas produces an amazing user experience!



Hi Daniel,


Neat look!  thanks for sharing.  Question, can one have text input fields and drop down fields in each section or group?  We have a long form and not all sections are necessarily filled out. 

Hi Daniel,


Can we concatenate field value to SharePoint List attachement filed ?




Fabulous, brilliant. Thank you for sharing.

Nice video.

One additions. On the option buttons you use an if() formula in wich you check ExpandVar1. Because you set it to the opposite you can replace the if() formula by only:

Set(ExpandVar1, !ExpandVar1)



Enjoyed your excellent video. Unfortunately import your package is proving impossible see image below.




Any thoughts?


Thank you.